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Another morning no different than most others except for it getting extremely windy once I got onto the road. The wind kept up for the entire day and really slowed me down. I can’t even remember when the last time I had to ride in wind this strong. I went into Clarenville to try to find internet so I could check my e-mail to get in touch with someone to stay with in St. John’s. Unfortunately, being a holiday, the public library wasn’t open and the one internet cafe wasn’t open yet.

The rest of the day just seemed really long because of the wind. Fortunately, just before the road went up a really large hill I took an exit to head towards Bellevue and the wind was now at my back. It was also quite nice to find that the campground was significantly outside of Bellevue and I got to stop earlier than expected. I talked with one of the park employees as he came by the site to pickup the garbage and drop off some firewood. The firepit was still smouldering from a previous occupant and simply adding wood on top of it eventually got it going and I had a campfire for a couple hours until the wood ran out.

Distance 96.59km
Time 4:49:12
Average Speed 20.02km/h
Max Speed 45.10km/h
Odometer 8729km