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Before going to the dining room for breakfast I lazily packed and watched TV. My tent which I hung in the shower had dried out but some of my clothes were still damp. Luckilly while eating breakfast the rain stopped and clouds cleared up so I didn’t have to wear my cold weather clothes today. I would even go so far as saying it was a beautiful day out. The huge change from yesterday put me in the right mood for riding and I was going quite fast for a while.

There were some nice scenic areas along the way today. This included the rest area where I ate lunch overlooking the town of Gambo as well as Terra Nova National Park. The park, like many other national parks, had some steep hills. It is almost as if that is one of the deciding factors in making an area a national park. As I arrived at the campground I noticed road signs showing that the distance to St. John’s should be under 200km now. I knew this was going to be the case but it really shows me that I’m almost done.

Distance 133.09km
Time 5:08:02
Average Speed 25.92km/h
Max Speed 55.40km/h
Odometer 8632km