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Today is going to be my last day because I am within striking distance of St. John’s. Both of riding and of this blog. I got on the road earlier than I have been lately just so I could finish even sooner. Unfortunatelly it is still windy but the road does eventually curve to the north east so that the wind becomes a tailwind.

A fast tailwind would seem like a great way to finish the ride but fate didn’t allow it to be. After 3 months of riding, my lack of major bike problems has caught up with me. My gamble a week ago of not replacing my rear wheel in Corner Brook was almost, but not quite, successful. With about 50km to go I heard another spoke break. I didn’t notice any increase in the warping of my tire and just put some tape on the spoke to hold it in place. But another 30km later and things suddenly became even worse. The crack worsened causing a spoke to come seperated from the rim and the tire was now warped enough that it rubbed against the fender each time around. I wasn’t about to let this stop me so close to the finish so I kept going at a limping pace compared to what I should have been doing. The bike was wobbling all over the place now. Once I got within the city limits and took an exit into the edge of town I decided my mission was accomplished.

The university library which I needed to get to for internet access was still almost 10km away so I called a cab. I would have rather made it all the way to the harbour but I accepted the fact that my bike was almost unrideable and I was technically in St. John’s so calling the cab was no longer cheating myself. After checking my e-mail I was able to get the phone number of the person with whom I would stay for the next four days. It turned out to actually be quite close to the university so I tried riding that final bit but my bike wouldn’t have it. Another spoke or two probably broke and they started getting tangled and twisted all over the place so I decided it would be easier to walk the rest of the way.

I’m done! Over 9000km (counting the earlier stage starting from Victoria) and nearly 400 hours of biking spread over 3 months and I have successfully biked across Canada. I’ve seen every province (some more than others), met lots of great people, gone through dozens of national parks and historic sites, camped in the middle of nowhere, swam in 3 of the 5 great lakes, and so much more. For the next 4 days I will now relax in St. John’s, walk around the city, and maybe rent a car to visit some things further away like Cape Spear, the easternmost point in North America (I would have biked there tomorrow if the wheel hadn’t given up on me).

Distance 107.13km
Time 4:41:57
Average Speed 22.79km/h
Max Speed 60.78km/h
Odometer 8836km
    • Mom
    • Posted September 6, 2007 at 8:04 pm
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    Wow, Trevor you made it, I’m so proud of you!! It seems it was only days ago that we were sending you and Uncle Michael off together on the first leg of your journey. Congratulations and we’ll see you soon.

  • Congratulations Trevor, from your Uncle Michael and Aunt Jean! That’s quite a feat: more than 9000 km under your wheels. And I see that you’ve ending it with a bit of drama too: your rear wheel falling to pieces under you as you limp across the finish line! You couldn’t have scripted a more exciting conclusion… :-)

    By our calculations you’re flying home today (you’ll find its much faster going West than it was going East… :-) so we’ll wish you a safe return trip — from the balcony of le Grand Hotel in Barcelonette, a small town tucked away in the valley of the Ubaye in the French Alps, just 37 km by road from the Italian border (courtesy of an wireless network left unsecured by some unknown benefactor…)

    • (Aunt) Janet
    • Posted September 9, 2007 at 5:30 am
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    Okay, Trevor—I’m now in uncharted territory, leaving a comment on a blog! I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your courage and perseverance. You brought me to tears with your final entry. Congratulations on completing a trip of a lifetime.

    Love, from Brussels,

    Janet and Duncan

    • Rob Pollitt
    • Posted September 16, 2007 at 11:02 pm
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    Way to go Trevor!!!
    That was a dream I had long ago/ but in my case did not happen. So it is sure nice to know someone close has been successful.
    I was thinking, as I followed you on your trip, what it would be like to see those long roads in front of you every day. Some with lots of hills! (even though most of them have their ups and
    downs!!) TEE HEE! The days when the weather; the wind and the rain seemed to be blowing you backwards I’ll bet. You reached your goal, probably the longest if not the biggest one you will face.
    Cheers, Ang, Rob and Keith

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