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Today the weather was pretty dull and gloomy. The fact that I had put my sunglasses on for some reason made it seem even worse until I thought about it and took them off. The road is quite flat today and I went the whole 50km to Deer Lake without a break. I’ve been tending to do these long stretches without a break more and more often lately.

In Deer Lake I found a park with a gazeebo which I had my lunch under. This was quite fortunate because it immediately started to rain. The rain didn’t last long and the roads were already drying by the time I was back on the road.

From Deer Lake I had the option of turning 50km in the wrong direction to visit Gros Morne National Park (which several people suggested I do) but decided against it because it would add an extra day of riding to my already long trip. It would also involve lots of hills and rain (because that is the direction the rain clouds were heading) so it probably wouldn’t have been worth it. Instead I continued along the empty highway in the right direction.

Distance 128.79km
Time 5:02:01
Average Speed 25.58km/h
Max Speed 53.71km/h
Odometer 8258km