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I really slept in today because my body obviously needed to catch up from getting very little sleep the night before on the ferry ride (plus the minor time zone change of 30 minutes). After leaving I realized that I left my rope behind which I had used as a clothes line to dry some of the clothes I hand washed yesterday. It certainly isn’t important enough to turn back for so I’ll just not be hanging anything to dry for the next week.

There was a lot more nothing on the highway again today. The exception to this was the Barachois Pond provincial park where I ate lunch. The downside to going here was that the access road to it turned out to be a 2km detour downhill that I would have to climb back up later in order to continue.

I got into Corner Brook late in the afternoon and went to the info center to find the location of the campground. On the way out of town I went to get some groceries too. I didn’t go to a bike shop for a new wheel despite seeing a sign for one along the highway because I felt that the crack hasn’t gotten any worse and I can risk trying to finish the trip as it is. At the campground I noticed there was actually a broken spoke as well but since it had no noticable effect next to the crack I just taped the spoke in place and stuck with my risky decision.

Distance 139.19km
Time 5:53:46
Average Speed 23.60km/h
Max Speed 59.62km/h
Odometer 8129km