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Last night there was rain but it stopped by morning although the weather still consisted of low clouds and mist. Mist is almost as bad as rain because over time I still get damp. And it isn’t avoidable because putting on my raingear to keep the mist off is offset by the fact that sweat will buildup inside the raingear getting me damp at about the same rate. I stopped at a small roadside restaurant for a second breakfast as well as to dry off and warm up after only an hour. The mist was mostly gone by the time I got back on the road.

I stopped for another break only an hour later because I was feeling sluggish but after that was moving pretty well. I had a few more brief stops but for the most part just kept riding to my destination. Along the way I turned down one campground I saw that had an indoor pool because I felt I hadn’t gone far enough yet. Another one which was about where I expected to stop was no longer actually a campground and I had to go about 10km further to the edge of the city. The campground was on a lake and despite the cold there were actually people out waterskiing.

Distance 135.16km
Time 5:41:39
Average Speed 23.73km/h
Max Speed 48.48km/h
Odometer 8393km