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Suddenly I’m in Newfoundland. I took the 2:00am ferry across and arrived at about 9:00am Newfoundland time in Port aux Basques. The ferry had relatively comfortable airplane style seating that I managed to get a few hours of sleep in. I opted out of taking the last available bunk bed which would have cost an extra $16.

I find it difficult to properly describe the landscape around Port aux Basques but it is unlike anywhere I have been so far. There are large, uneven, green fields of nothing in every direction studded with boulders, small ponds, and lakes. This goes right from the rocky coastline into the nearby mountains. There is of course the small town which exists around and supports the ferry terminal.

I biked up to the visitors center to ask a few questions before I got on my way to crossing the final province of my trip. From there on out there was next to nothing on the highway except for perhaps one gas station and a few exits that headed towards costal towns. Unfortunatelly most of the costal towns don’t have direct connections between them and are accessible only by the roads leading out from the highway like spokes. Because of this I can’t visit them without a significant loss of time.

I stayed at the Crabbs River campground which is mostly in the middle of nowhere other than being located on a nice river. There are quite a few black flies around but I refused to hide out in my tent because it was such a nice afternoon. The firepit was already filled with pleny of branches and other wood for me to use for a campfire but unfortunatelly it burnt away very quickly when I had nothing more to add to it.

Distance 98.92km
Time 4:27:43
Average Speed 22.16km/h
Max Speed 52.67km/h
Odometer 7990km