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It was a quiet morning in the campground and I was packed up and gone before most of the campers I stayed with were up. I said goodbye to one and told him to say thanks to the others for me. I went to the IGA in town to get more of my fruit and snacks that I’ve been going through so quickly lately. As I packed it into my panniers I talked with a stranger who seemed very interested in my trip and said I should write a book. He said he would buy a copy if I did. I don’t know if that’s something I could do but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.

There were lots of climbs today to the Grey Highlands district. It was quite hot too but despite that and the hills, I was still going quite strongly. I think the effect of the workout of the north shore of Lake Superior has finally kicked in. It has made me think about the hills back home and wonder how fast I would be going up them now compared to what I used to.

I had lunch in Chatsworth and many more frequent breaks throughout the day. The frequent breaks make up for the fact that I’m riding so fast. I went through Sheldon to the much smaller town of Primrose where I looked at a campground but they wanted to charge $25. When I started the leave they said they could go down to $20 but I felt that was still too high. Had they gone down to $15 I would have paid. Their loss of $15, not mine. I was able to go a couple hundred meters down the road to a rest area where I camped in the back corner of the wooded area surrounding it. I didn’t put the fly on my tent because the orange is bright enough it might attract attention as well as trap too much heat inside the tent. As it was, I was sweating inside the tent anyways and think I may be willing to pay for campsites more often until the heat dies down so I can have showers more often.

Distance 125.55km
Time 4:55:30
Average Speed 25.49km/h
Max Speed 49.80km/h
Odometer 5180km