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I tried to use my cell phone as an alarm clock this morning to catch the ferry but the battery died overnight because it was constantly looking for service. Luckily, I woke up around the right time anyways. I packed up quickly and only had a banana for breakfast to get on the road by 7. It was a bit over an hour to get to the ferry terminal and another hour until the ferry left. Because I was on a bike I got to load first with the motorcycles and was first in line at the cafeteria.

It is a nice ferry that is smaller than most of the BC Ferries ships that I am used to though there is a full cafeteria, gift shop, lounge with a bar, and small indoor seating area, and larger outdoor deck seating area. After I ate breakfast I moved upstairs to the lounge where I read some brochures about the Bruce Peninsula and then took a nap for the rest of the trip.

The ferry unloaded in Tobermory where I looked around for a few minutes to let the ferry traffic get ahead of me on the highway. I had lunch at Crane River Park in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. There was garbage everywhere and it was surprisingly not very well taken care of for a national park. I assume the rest of the park is taken care of better than this small picnic area though.

After lunch I rode to Lions Head on the north shore of the peninsula where I had an ice cream cone while sitting at the beach. The beach was quite nice looking though very busy and I considered going for a swim. I decided against it knowing that I could go for a swim later when I got to Wiarton. From Lions Head to Wiarton I took a scenic route on some quiet country roads (not that the highway around here is very busy). It was pretty hilly though not a much greater distance.

At Wiarton I went for a swim at the beach before cooking dinner. The water was very warm in the shallow sandy part of the beach and I had to walk quite a way out before I could actually swim. After dinner I tried to check into the campground but the office was closed with a sign in the window saying it was reservations only. It had been closed when I looked earlier too. I rode through the campground anyways and decided on approaching some people in trailers and asked if I could setup my tent on the grass next to them. They happily welcomed me and even fed me a second dinner before sat around a campfire for the evening.

Distance 115.10km
Time 5:00:21
Average Speed 22.99km/h
Max Speed 60.78km/h
Odometer 5054km