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I woke fairly early this morning and packed up entirely before having breakfast so that I was on the road by 9. My riding today was even faster than yesterday and I averaged just over 30km/h for the first 2.5 hours until I hit Toronto. The city is very big and it still took a while to get downtown.

I was surprised at how many cyclists I saw downtown. They were everywhere and there were even more bikes locked all over the place. The roads actually seemed pretty easy to ride for such a busy area and I was keeping pace with the traffic as cars were stopped by lights causing me to pass the same car several times. My reason for going downtown was to get my tent pole replaced or repaired at MEC. The service person’s attitude there seemed to indicate that he didn’t believe me that it broke through normal use and refused to take a pole out of another tent (which he said they would have done if it was a defect) to give to me because they didn’t have any spares of the pole itself and instead decided to repair the pole with spare parts. While there I also bought a second cycling jersey so I don’t have to wear a single sweaty one so often in this heat.

Before heading to my friend’s home in East York I made a quick stop at the CN Tower to try to get a picture with both my bike and the tower together. It wasn’t easy because I had to hold my camera right on the ground and couldn’t look through the viewfinder. After getting to my friend’s we had a barbecue for dinner and watched tv into the evening.

Distance 110.49km
Time 4:08:30
Average Speed 26.67km/h
Max Speed 64.03km/h
Odometer 5290km

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