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For the first time in a long time I actually got out of my tent to have breakfast at a picnic table instead of being lazy and having it in the entrance of the tent. In the warm weather I’ve been having lately I didn’t want to have my stove heating me up inside my tent. Before leaving Massey I stopped in the grocery store to get more groceries. Fruits and snack foods mostly. I’ve been eating a lot more snack foods lately but I don’t think it’ll be that bad for me because of all the exercise I’m getting.

In Espanola I stopped outside a McDonalds to eat lunch on their picnic table before heading south onto Manitoulin Island. Crossing the mountains of La Cloche Island were quite scenic while Manitoulin Island itself was mostly a hilly farmland. I stopped in Little Current at the entrance to Manitoulin Island and ate both ice cream and poutine while sitting down by the marina in the shade.

After a long break in Little Current I got back on the road to the rest area shown on my map where I had expected to camp. It turned out to be a very open area with no shade or place to hide my tent and had a tourist center nearby so I continued along to Manitowaning where I went down to the beach to have dinner. After another long break here I moved on just as the sun was setting because there was too many people near the beach for me to try to camp here. I ended up camping about 5km down the highway on the top of a rock outcropping at the side of the road.

Distance 124.83km
Time 5:27:18
Average Speed 22.88km/h
Max Speed 59.06km/h
Odometer 4939km