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Today was overcast but still slightly warm and I started somewhat fast. A few kilometers down the road from Iron Bridge where I had a quick break for a snack I saw a sign that said “Hey Cyclists, Water Taxi to Manitoulin Island”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out where the taxi was from. When I got to Blind river for lunch, I asked at the visitor’s center and they hadn’t even heard of it. Nor had the marina or anyone the visitor’s center called for me. So instead I just had to go with my original plan of going along highway 17 until Espanola before heading south.

When I got to Massey I stayed in Chutes Provincial Park. The first Ontario Provincial Park I’ve stayed in. There are over 100 of them in the province and I have avoided them so far because they are so expensive. This one cost me $28 but I reluctantly paid it so that I would be able to have a shower and do laundry there. After eating dinner I went for a short walk to see the falls for which the park is named.

Distance 130.12km
Time 5:09:26
Average Speed 25.22km/h
Max Speed 51.68km/h
Odometer 4814km