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This morning I tried breakfast at a different cafe. I was so disappointed with the breakfast and service that I didn’t leave any tip. The only waitress there was slow, talked very quietly, forgot to bring a knife (and took her time bringing one after she said she would). As for the breakfast itself, she brought me hashbrowns I didn’t ask for (though I didn’t get charged for them at least) and the toast was charred on the edges and still bread like in the center.

After breakfast I got on the road east again. I stopped at an A&P to get fresh fruit that I wasn’t able to get the night before. The highway started to go through farmlands again once leaving the city. I don’t like farmlands that much because roadside services are few and far between. Not to mention there are far fewer trees and hills around to shelter me from the strong headwinds I was riding through.

As I noticed on my GPS that the highway was getting close to water again I made my way through some sideroads to try to find somewhere to eat lunch. Unfortunately, the shoreline is entirely taken up by people’s homes and cottages so I rode quite a ways until I found one that was unoccupied without any neighbors around so I could sneak in and use a picnic table.

Sometime after lunch and shortly before I stopped for the day, I came across 2 cyclists sitting at the opposite side of the road taking a break. I crossed the road to talk with them and learned that they were biking from Montreal to Vancouver. They are planning on living in Vancouver when they get there and this is their way of getting there. I have my doubts about their ability to do it though. One of them was wearing jeans and very loose fitting hiking boots and the other wasn’t much better off.

Before too much longer I stopped in Thessalon for the night where I looked at one campground that cost $18 but ended up deciding to go down a nearby road to where I found an empty lot right on Lake Huron. I setup my tent right on the beach and had dinner sitting further out on a rocky point. It was still quite windy so I didn’t go for the swim that I wanted to have.

Distance 92.40km
Time 4:18:47
Average Speed 21.42km/h
Max Speed 34.02km/h
Odometer 4684km