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I woke pretty early this morning and walked to a nearby cafe to have breakfast. From there I went to the library which was closed so I sat in the park for an hour reading until the library opened and I could update my blog. I kept getting shuffled from one computer to another because I didn’t realize I could book a computer and people kept coming up to me having booked the computer I was currently on.

In the afternoon I rode across the International Bridge to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. After getting through customs on the far side I discovered that they charge a toll of $1.15 for bikes to cross. About half what they charge for a car. At least customs didn’t take too long because I rode past all the cars waiting in line on the bridge and only had to wait in line for a customs booth behind about 4 cars. The customs officer asked a fair number of questions and I think was slightly suspicious of my having 2 empty panniers on my bike.

I had a burger for lunch at a small restaurant and then started wandering around town to decide what I was going to do with my afternoon. I ended up deciding on actually spending the afternoon wandering around and watching ships go through the Soo Locks. For the evening I booked a space on a dinner boat cruise/tour up and down the river going through both sets of locks. It was a buffet of roast pork, baked chicken, potatoes, pasta salad, other salads, and cake for desert. I haven’t eaten that much in a long time. The tour itself was quite interesting as well. They showed us a lot of both the Canadian and American shores of the river.

After dinner I rushed back across the bridge to get my groceries before going to bed. I got to the store only 10 minutes before it closed and still managed to get just about everything I needed.

Distance 37.93km
Time 1:52:09
Average Speed 20.29km/h
Max Speed 39.13km/h
Odometer 4592km