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Quilchena HotelAfter breakfast in the hotel we were heading north by 9:15. There were clouds of bugs floating everywhere until we got past Nicola Lake. Dozens of them would stick to my arms and clothes. At 24km we stopped at a truck pullout by Stump Lake (most of our breaks were roughly 25km apart).

A few kilometers later we stopped to put on rain gear as it started to rain (and looked like it wasn’t going to stop). Yet it stopped by the time we had it all on. We continued with our raingear on as a precaution until lunch next to another lake. At lunch it started to get sunny and we had a large climb up ahead so the raingear came off.

At the top of the climb was a very windy plateau from which we eventually descended down into Kamloops where we would be staying the night in a house being lent to us. After settling in a little we went off to get groceries and a new spedometer for my bike (I dropped mine after arriving which caused several digits in the LED display to not show anymore).

Tomorrow morning I head off on my own…

Distance 82.3km
Time 4:13:00
Max Speed 54.0km/h
Odometer 459km

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