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Headwinds! That’s the only way to describe this day. We got on the road by 8:00 and had breakfast at the Shaw Springs In 20km along. Once we got to Spences Bridge and onto highway 8 we were hit by headwind after headwind for the next 60-70km to Merritt. We stopped a couple times for lunch, snacks, and a break from the wind.

Highway 8 is a simple, 2-lane road with no shoulder most of the way from Spences Bridge and Merritt that takes the route of the Nicola River. Asside from the winds, we also encountered some wildlife. Within 20 minutes we saw a small black bear as well as 3 moose (what is the plural of moose?) in a marsh like area next to the road.

In Merritt at 99.9km we bought some groceries and left the city on highway 5A. For the next 20km to Quilchena we had a tailwind which helped make up for the headwinds earlier. We stayed at the Quilchena Hotel which is one of the oldest still operating hotels in BC (built in 1908). Having a beer with dinner in the saloon felt well earned.

Distance 119.9km
Time 6:16:30
Max Speed 57.5km/h
Odometer 376km