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I got off to a late start, leaving at 10. Possibly because this was my first day on my own and I wanted to make sure I had everything ready. It was fast going for the first while and I stopped for my first break at 31km next to the North Thompson River (I couldn’t find anywhere earlier).

On my way to Chase another cyclist caught up with me and we chatted for a little while before he took off at a faster pace (he didn’t have to carry any gear so was much faster). I had lunch in Chase on the patio of a Subway. If I had gone only 2 blocks further I would have found a much nicer park to stop in.

I took another break along the lake before the road started climbing away and towards Salmon Arm. I looked for campgrounds on the west side of the city but they were $28 even for a tent site. Probably because they were beach front and also included water/power even for tents. I eventually went into town and asked the visitors center where they pointed me to the Hidden Valley Campground & RV Park at the east end of the city for only $17+tax. This makes the next day’s ride shorter too. It was mostly RV’s at this campground so the tenting area was pretty quiet.

Distance 125.0km
Time 5:18
Max Speed 53km/h
Odometer 583km