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In a tunnelAfter encountering another cyclist in Hope heading east (an older woman biking home to Toronto solo), we had a quick breakfast and set off around 8:30. Our first stop was in Yale for a quick snack next to a historic Museum/Church. A few kilometers down the road, I got my second flat around the Yale Tunnel by turning my rear tire over a large rock and causing another pinch flat.

We had lunch at Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park and went down to the old bridge which used to take the highway across the river. The overcast skies started to clear up to be sunny for the afternoon. Continuing on, we had turned in to Hells Gate to look over the edge.

Some time later we had a huge climb up Jackass Mountain which was about 2.8km long and gained 150m of altitude. The heat and sun made this climb even worse. Not too far past the top we were lucky enough to find the Kanaka Bar Cafe where we stopped for milkshakes before descending into Lytton.

We looked for a campsite in Lytton and passed on the one we found because of it’s odd pricing scheme (charging per bike,person,etc). We went on another 6km to Skihist which also turned out to be a nicer site than the one in town.

Distance 123.8km
Time 6:41:51
Max Speed 63.7km/h
Odometer 257km