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This morning it briefly poured rain while I sat around at the hostel but was done before I left. I stopped down the road only a few minutes after leaving to have breakfast because I was only carrying enough food for tomorrow’s breakfast and wouldn’t be able to buy more today.

Leaving Pleasant Bay involved what I estimate to be the worst mountain climb of the entire trip. I believe North Mountain rose about 400m in no more than 6km of road. That is a sustained grade of nearly 7% the whole way with some parts being even steeper I’m sure. To top it off, the weather was unseasonably hot with the temperature being in the high twenties combined with a high humidity I hadn’t felt since southern Ontario. I was stopping about every 500m for a break. Luckily there wasn’t much traffic on the road so I could use multiple lanes to zig-zag when restarting.

I had lunch at a nice picnic area near Neil’s Harbour where I also changed out of my cold weather clothes. I had been wearing them because of the rain in the morning expecting there was a chance it would start up again. When it didn’t and instead became sunny and hot I was sweating like crazy. There were several more smaller but still tough climbs as the road went along the eastern coast of the national park.

I camped at the Ingonish Beach campground in the park. It was nice but was more of a walk than I expected to get to the beach. I sat on the beach reading for a while but decided not to go for a swim. There were many people swimming though and being constantly crushed by the crashing waves. The waves could actually be heard all the way back in the campground throughout the night.

Distance 75.41km
Time 3:44:43
Average Speed 20.13km/h
Max Speed 60.20km/h
Odometer 7782km