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I took a day off today sort of as a birthday present for myself and because I’ve ridden almost 2 weeks since my last one. In the morning I was cooked breakfast by Chloe, a girl staying at the hostel. Just about everyone staying at this hostel is nice like that. We then went for a quick hike at a nearby trail in the park before she went off to camp somewhere for a day or two.

Later in the morning I went out whale watching with Jeff, who runs the hostel and a whale watching business, and an indian family. If it hadn’t been for that family I wouldn’t have gotten to go out (or would have had to find a different company to go out with) because Jeff wants at least 4 people in the boat before he thinks it is worth it to go out. We saw dozens of pilot whales but unfortunately no humpbacks. From a distance we saw something large that Jeff suspects was a whale shark but by the time we got to where we saw it dive underwater it was gone and didn’t resurface. After about 90 minutes we headed back into the harbour.

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, reading, and chatting with Celia, from Australia who was one of the only other people staying at the hostel this night. Later on we were all cooked dinner by the indian family who offered to cook for everyone staying at the hostel (presumably just because they wanted to cook for themselves instead of eating out). It was a simple meal of rice and some vegetables mixed in but still good and I’m certainly not going to argue with free food.