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There was a thunderstorm during the night but my tent kept me dry as usual. I took my time in the morning to let my tent dry, have a shower, etc. and was on the road by 10. I finally had a light tailwind.

Shortly after leaving town I saw an Edmonton transit bus on the highway. It’s a long ways from it’s route. This reminded me that I had seen three 98 B-Line busses on the highway after I crossed the border into Alberta. Those were even further from their route in Vancouver than this bus was today. Strange that I would see the same thing on my first day in two different provinces.

As per the usual, I had my first break at the side of the road in the grass. There just aren’t any services at any of the small towns along the way. I had lunch at the Halfway Park campground which was labeled on the highway as a rest area though I was able to find an unused site with a picnic table anyways. I don’t know what it was halfway to though.

After lunch I went 51km without stopping because I was enjoying the tailwind so much. After that I took a couple more stops heading into The Battlefords. I had to descend down to the North Saskatchewan River to cross a bridge which resulted in a large hill to climb back up to get to the campground.

At the David Laird Campground all the tenting sites were flooded due to the thunderstorm but I was able to get a RV site at the tenting price. When I had my shower after ariving I discovered that my shoulders are pretty sunburnt because I was wearing my sleeveless cycling jersey and obviously didn’t reapply sunscreen often enough.

I somewhat wished that all my dinners weren’t hot as I ate dinner this evening in the sun before the air had cooled down.

Distance 145.7km
Time 5:04
Max Speed 44km/h
Odometer 2052km