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Nobody found me during the night so I got up at 7 and was on the road by 8:45. I’ve noticed that my shorts are getting pretty dirty so I’m going to have to do laundry soon. Until then I’m restricting myself to my one pair of less dirty shorts.

I took various breaks throughout the day as I was still fighting headwinds. They became more frequent later in the day. I had lunch in Vermillion in front of an A&W where I also was able to fill up on water again.

I finally got to Loydminster and stopped at Tim Hortons for some timbits. From there I crossed the border to Saskatchewan to get to the Weaver Park Campground. The border itself was just a line of pillars running down one of the streets perpendicular to the highway.

I checked the visitors center to get a campground/hotel guide for the province and also looked for a badge of some sort. They didn’t have them either. It looks like Yet yanother province without them.

2 provinces complete!

Distance 107.5km
Time 5:23
Max Speed 32km/h
Odometer 1907km