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Still another cool, cloudy day. Where is the warm Alberta summer? I was on the road by 10 and stopped for a snack not too much later on an access road to a quary. It’s hard to find good places to stop for a break along this highway.

I got into Edson for lunch which I had at a picnic table next to the visitors center. Visitors centers seem to be a somewhat reliable place to find somewhere to sit down for a bit. I asked inside about routes into Edmonton for cyclists because I heard that the highway is very busy entering the city. Unfortunately, the girl there wasn’t very helpful but at least she gave me some street maps of Alberta and Edmonton.

I stopped a couple more times along the road in the entrances to the various range roads (All the roads off the highway are numbered “range roads”, though some also have other names). I almost stopped at the Club Nojack Resort RV Campground for $17 which includes a pool (extra charge), showers, etc, but decided to go on further to the Nojack Provincial Recreation Area that James had mentioned to me. It was a smaller self-registration site with no significant features. It was a little noisier because it was closer to the highway but it’s potentially free if they don’t check the self registration. Not to mention, it makes the ride tomorrow into Edmonton slightly shorter.

It had felt like a long day today because of the light to medium headwinds most of the way so I went to bed somewhat early.

Distance 110.2km
Time 4:53
Max Speed 46km/h
Odometer 1433km