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I decided to take my first rest day in Golden so I didn’t have 2 big mountain passes in 2 days. I woke up late, did some laundry, and had breakfast at the Hostel (some of the largest slices of french toast I’ve ever seen). Before leaving the hostel I used their internet terminal at $2/15min and was annoyed when the power went out half way through writing a post.

I eventually setup camp at the Golden Municipal Campground. It’s not a very quiet campground because you can see the highschool from pretty much every tent site and there is a train just across the river.

I spent the afternoon reading and riding around town taking some pictures. I tried to go to the library there to spend more time on the internet but it was only open 4 days a week and this wasn’t one of them.

Distance 17.7km
Time 1:11
Max Speed 35km/h
Odometer 864km