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This morning started at 6am when someone else in the dorm had their alarm go off and they didn’t shut it off for 20 minutes when I finally gave up trying to sleep and decided to start the day. I then had to wait until 7:30 for to have breakfast because I couldn’t find anywhere open earlier than that within walking distance.

After breakfast I sat down at the hostel and planned my day using the Edmonton bike map. The city has marked bike routes, though they turned out to be normal streets with no special reason to make them more accessible to bikes other than being signed to warn motorists that there may be bikes on the road.

The first part of the day was simply riding through the parks along the river where there are off street bike paths. They seemed like nice enough parks but there really wasn’t much to see from the path I was on. There were also a lot more hills than I was expecting because it dipped in and out of the river valley several times.

After crossing the river I headed through downtown to MEC to replace my sunglasses which I lost earlier in the week and buy a few other small things. From there I went out to the West Edmonton Mall where I spent most of the afternoon wandering around. I also watched Pirates of the Carribean to kill a couple hours. The mall didn’t seem that special to me. If it weren’t for the ice rink, waterpark and other special features, it wouldn’t have even seemed that big.

On my way back to the hostel in the evening I went to the University of Alberta to use the internet and post my updates for the week. I had to get a temporary user-id and password from to use the computers, but it didn’t cost anything. I’m going to try to use libraries for the internet from now on.

Distance 47.5km
Time 2:45
Max Speed 46km/h
Odometer 1632km