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Monthly Archives: August 2007

There was a very light drizzle of rain this morning which sped me on my way packing up. It didn’t last more than a few minutes. Unfortunately as a result of packing up quickly I forgot to fill any of my water bottles before leaving the campground and wasn’t able to find anywhere to fill them until much later in the day. As I finished lunch at Margaree Harbour, one of many quiet harbour villages along the coast, the rain started lightly and turned into a full downpour minutes later as I got on the road and continued for the rest of the day.

After taking a break in Cheticamp I continued along the cabot trail into the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Despite seeing it through rain, clouds, and fog I still found it to be an amazing area. The road starts off going through the bottom of a large valley until it reaches the coast and climbs up the top of the cliffs before climbing further inland up another valley. It was quite a long climb but I survived it without having to walk my bike like I saw some people doing in the other direction. Though at one point a cross wind felt like it was about to blow me off my bike as I sped down one of the steep hills. Just before Pleasant Bay there is a huge series of steep switchbacks that I am very glad I didn’t have to bike up.

When I got to the hostel people were impressed with my biking in out of the rain even before they knew where I biked from. The owner wasn’t around at the time but I was shown around anyways and had a shower before he returned from taking a group out whale watching to check me in. I went up the street to have dinner with two Australians who were also staying at the hostel. In the evening everyone at the hostel sat around having a good time. All in all, it turned out to be a decent birthday despite being away from everyone back home.

Distance 101.91km
Time 4:37:07
Average Speed 22.06km/h
Max Speed 68.38km/h
Odometer 7707km

Today I made it to Cape Bretton Island. After crossing the bridge I stopped at the visitors center to get some more information as well as a ferry schedule to Newfoundland. From there I headed up the Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-Lee) Trail along the coast which was a pretty nice ride with almost no traffic. In Port Hood I stopped for ice cream where they refused to let me pay once they learned about my trip.

Up the road in Inverness I decided to stop for the day because I saw there was a Ceilidh of traditional scottish music at the firehall in the evening. I went just a little ways down the road to the campground to setup and have dinner before heading back into town.

Distance 111.62km
Time 4:45:15
Average Speed 23.47km/h
Max Speed 57.97km/h
Odometer 7605km

Today was a lazy morning. I’m not sure what happened to my getting up at 6:00 but it hasn’t been happening lately. I guess the sun isn’t rising quite as early anymore. The rest of the day wasn’t very interesting as I was on the Trans Canada highway again with nothing around to see. It was quite hilly too and yet I still rode one of my longest distances in one stretch simply because there was nowhere worth stopping along the way. I stopped at a campground in Linwood where I easily convinced them to knock $5 off the price, possibly because they knew there was another campground only 1km up the road.

Distance 132.50km
Time 4:56:31
Average Speed 24.99km/h
Max Speed 50.31km/h
Odometer 7493km

I was slow packing up this morning because up until yesterday I had been expecting today to be a day off and now would have to keep going. I saw another cyclist with a fully loaded bike go by the window and that made me speed up to see if I could get on the road and catch up with him. After getting groceries and leaving town I managed to catch up with him and we talked for a while because he also had been biking from Vancouver.

We both got on our way again and I took off at a faster pace towards the ferry through an inland route hoping to save some distance. It turned out to be quite hilly and I ended up missing a ferry by about 25 minutes. While waiting I met the other cyclist again and we talked while I ate lunch. It was a 75 minute crossing on a medium sized ferry but it was a nice day out and they had a musician on the upper deck where I sat. After getting off the ferry I only rode about 15 minutes to a campground to take the rest of the afternoon off as a replacement for not having a day off yet.

It was a provincial campground but actually had a reasonable enough price for once. Before dinner I wandered down to the beach where I felt compelled to go for a swim. Since I hadn’t put on my swimsuit or brought my towel I just went in my cycling underwear and airdried sitting on a rock while reading.

Distance 62.96km
Time 2:37:31
Average Speed 23.98km/h
Max Speed 61.38km/h
Odometer 7370km

It was a cold morning and still very windy at the campground so I checked out and headed towards the bridge to PEI. Before getting to the bridge I tried to check out a used bookstore that I saw several signs for along the road but it turned out to be closed and wasted my time going out of the way to find it. So I got to the confederation bridge information center and called for a shuttle to take me across. While waiting I updated my blog from one of their free computers.

On the other side of the bridge I attempted to find a place to stay in Charlottetown but had no luck at all. I was going to have to figure something out when I got there. After spending a fair amount of time eating lunch and trying to solve my accomodation problem I headed on the road to Charlottetown. I took the scenic route for a bit but then had to get onto the trans canada which turned out to be quite hilly as it went inland (I thought PEI was supposed to be flat).

The cheapeast place I managed to find in town was the University of PEI residences. It was still to expensive for me to be willing to stay an extra day here so I headed downtown to look around after checking in since I wouldn’t have tomorrow to do that.

Distance 92.91km
Time 4:14:20
Average Speed 21.92km/h
Max Speed 55.40km/h
Odometer 7307km

This morning was still very windy but at least the sky had cleared so that it would be sunny today. I spent the day on and off the scenic route occasionally to short cut a few of the detours it took. Just past Shediac I had to stop at an intersection that a bike race was going through and was eventually waved through and allowed onto the route with the racers. I passed one cyclist and was passed by three others.

I stopped for the day at Murray Beach campground because it looked like a nice place to stay. It made for a short ride today but still puts me in a reasonable position to get to Charlottetown tomorrow. In the evening just as I oppened my tent to get out to boil water for hot chocolate I saw a complete arch of a double rainbow over the campground and went over to the beach to take a few pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the second arch of a rainbow with the colours reversed before.

Distance 70.72km
Time 2:47:02
Average Speed 25.35km/h
Max Speed 49.35km/h
Odometer 7214km

It rained this morning before I got out of my tent so it was a lazy morning. There was about 30km more highway to Miramichi, “Canada’s Irish Capital”, where I took a break at Tim Hortons for a snack knowing that it would be a long ways on the highway with nowhere to stop until lunch. I stopped for lunch just past Kouchibouguac National Park (pronounced koo-she-boo-gwack). I wanted to go in but they had a toll booth and I wasn’t willing to pay a day use fee just to sit at a picnic table.

There was lots more highway until Bouctouche where I finally got back onto the Acadian Coast scenic route which was actually scenic for once by being right on the ocean. Though it was extremely windy. I was looking for a picnic area shown on my map that I might be able to camp at but didn’t find it and ended up going another 10km to the Acadien Park campsite.

Distance 144.80km
Time 5:26:43
Average Speed 26.58km/h
Max Speed 52.67km/h
Odometer 7143km